About Us

The Granite Fitness Online Store is a site that recommends physical products that are proven to help people lose weight, get in shape or stay in shape. While most of the products here are physical items that people can use for their fitness journey, this site also recommends products that are accessories, educational resources, ebooks and apps – basically anything that will help people in their healthy living pursuits.

The products recommended on this website also include, where available, independent reviews by others who have purchased it. In this way, our customers can be sure that the information they get about each product is as accurate as possible.

The reality is that there are so many fitness products out there, all of which try to convince people that theirs is the best and only effective way of becoming healthy. This site exists in order to help people filter through all that so that customers can decide for themselves and be in the position of being able to make the optimum choice for their circumstance.

Truth be told, and this has been explained in the Granite Fitness Blog, any exercise program that promises fast effective rewards with little to no effort is probably a dud. Similarly, any physical product bought that is not used frequently enough will not help people towards their health-related goals. That being said, knowing what the right tools are, and getting them from this site is the first step to achieving one’s fitness goals, and this is why this site exists.

Do we guarantee results?

We have to be upfront with you in saying that we do not and cannot guarantee results. Why? Because there are many cases when people will buy stuff, not use it and expect results. Will this be fair to the seller? Of course not. If you joined a gym but only go once a week to lift 5 pound weights for 5 minutes, can you then sue the gym for still being fat after 5 years? Think about it. The only guarantee we can make is to recommend products that have worked for others – people who have been happy to share their results, and an unbiased review based on personal experience on Amazon. That’s fair enough, right?

So, who are we?

Our names are Atanas and Mark, and we are a two-man operation who runs a group of websites cumulatively known as the Granite Network! We would describe ourselves as passionate people who love helping people lose weight and get in shape. And we’re not just saying this for fun. Our passion in this area is so strong that we have even set up a blog, known as the Granite Fitness Blog, which we provide for FREE, that provides advice and propels people to weight loss and good health. Check it out and subscribe today.

Finally, anything else to add?

Oh yes, definitely! As young and budding entrepreneurs, we have a few other online stores and a wide range of other services that we do provide – quite a lot actually. Since it is all in your best interests, we have added them to the navigation bar for your convenience. Please do check them out.

There are two sites in particular that we would like to share with you. The first is the Granite Fitness Blog, which was one of our first projects that have helped people lose weight. Get a FREE subscription to it today!! The second is Solutions4Me, which provides customised services for specific needs – definitely worth checking out! Cheers, and all the best!